Leonardo Campisi

  • Residential Real Estate Broker


I have always believed that everyone should follow their passion and never settle for anything that does not make them happy and proud. That is what being a real estate broker means to me. I have had a passion for this business since childhood. I've been intrigued and passioned about it since. Some people wanted to be famous athletes or lawyers but I always wanted to be a real estate broker. This business is more than just selling a house, it's finding a building with four walls that I believe my clients will be calling home. Come with me, not find your next house but to find your home.

Studied at Dawson college
Graduated from College Immobilier du Quebec
Leonardo Campisi



The key to solving latent (hidden) defects.

The Integri-T plan is a guarantee offered to buyers and sellers who want peace of mind in the event of latent defects. This unique coverage exclusive to RE/MAX provides financial protection to buyers and sellers in case of a claim.

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Leonardo Campisi

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